When I said that years ago people thought I was a fruitcake, yes, as a non-American I can tell the difference between liberty and tyranny….I ran away from the suffocation of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and fighting again to break free from the suffocation in New York, USA,.

Politically Short


The United States of America is in decline. From sea to shining sea the erosion of our country appears inevitable. Systematically, one by one, the foundation of our nation crumbles. Whether it be the collapse of our borders to the collapse of our principles, the list of examples continues to grow as chaos becomes the status quo. Yet the chaos is not random or by chance, it is deliberate with the President serving as the chief architect.

In the words of Dinesh D’Souza, “Barack Obama is the architect of American decline, and progressivism is the ideology of American suicide”. Progressivism is the ideology of the modern day liberal that envisions an expansive government with a living and evolving constitution. They perceive a future with a distorted view of the present.

The American people are reminded by this radical ideology on a consistent basis by the President himself. This ideology…

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